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Next Generation Algorithmic Stability Testing Trading without disclosing your Algo IP

  • Seamless & Transparent: Client's access to AlgoGuard can be customised to be similar to the intended trading venues.
  • Representative & Isolated: Statistically samples historical orderbook data and maintains a representative market in the test matching engine whilst being completely isolated from any risk of live trading.
  • Responsive & Dynamic: The emulated market closely resembles the real market in all important respects including spreads, volatility, volume, fill to cancel ratio. In consequence it responds realistically and dynamically to the algorithms under test.
  • Private: Clients' algorithms never leave their own servers, only orders are sent to AlgoGuard in response to data and fills sent to the client's algorithms. These orders combine in a dedicated test matching engine only with AlgoGuard algorithms and are isolated from other clients' orders.
  • Stress Tests: Customisable test schedules under the control of the client can stress test the market in a variety of ways so that the potentially disruptive behaviour of connected client algorithms and execution systems can be assessed.
  • Compliance & Logging: Helps clients to meet the increasingly stringent testing requirements for algorithms and execution systems being imposed in many jurisdictions. Stores test results for as long as required by regulation.
  • Pass/Fail Reporting & Traceability: Dashboard provides control and reporting to client's staff. Provides Pass/fail reporting for member algorithm's provocation of market disorder with drill-down analytics.
  • Multi-market: For stability testing of multi-market client algorithms there is the option of including customisable test matching engines to emulate multiple trading venues published rules.

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