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TraderServe Model Building Interface (MBI), based upon 20 years of developing successful real-time strategies, is not just a graphical toy but is central to our approach to solving the real challenges of algorithmic trading. 

Our ultra low-latency calculation engine and its inbuilt Flow Manager are designed to minimise processing, especially on critical events. 

An extensive and proven library of primitive functions is provided, from which users enhance the MBI by creating their own components, with virtually unlimited functionality, and saving them in their own private libraries or sharing them with others. Customers' proprietary and 3rd party libraries can be interfaced as required.

Strategy Templates enable easy deployment

Once a model has been built with the MBI (either by the customer or by us), it can be simply deployed as a web-page, which exposes only those modifiable parameters specified by the modeller. It can then be used by customers or staff without significant training.

Other features

  • Quickly develop and deploy powerful automated strategies using our unique and intuitive graphical tools
  • Respond faster to changes in market behaviour
  • Profit by getting your orders to market faster
  • Save and reuse your strategy components
  • Leave the complexities of order state management on multiple simultaneous orders to our system
  • Gain protection and comfort from our comprehensive Risk Management
  • Monitor your trading from anywhere
  • Improve your strategies from analysis of their actual interactions with the market, rather than questionable backtesting simulations

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Model Building Interface (MBI)
provides unparalleled functionality

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