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ATP Services

Profit from the shortest term opportunities with TraderServe's Ultra-Low Latency Service

ATP's core engines are ultra-low latency by design, typically able to execute in microseconds on current PC systems. However, for those clients with applications where every microsecond counts, who may already be co-located or using proximity execution, we offer the Ultra-Low Latency Service. This customises ATP (including all linkages and where necessary hardware) to any desired level of latency within the bounds of current technology. TraderServe's uniquely experienced team goes to whatever lengths are required to give our most demanding clients the edge over any competing platform. 

Analyse the effectiveness of your strategies with TraderServe's Transaction Cost Analysis Service

Where ATP is used to slice up large orders and work them into the market over time, TraderServe offers a TCA service using our innovative techniques. To help maintain your trading edge all slices are fingerprinted, identifying the part of the strategy responsible for them and analysed across actual trading history to determine the effectiveness of each part of the strategy alone and in combination - something that backtesting can never do for you

Bespoke Model Building

Our team has decades of experience in high-frequency trading, and has designed ATP to be the best environment in the world for implementing such strategies. Many clients have signals generated outside ATP which require efficient low-cost execution. They can use the MBI to develop their own execution strategies, or we can develop highly effective strategies answering to their requirements, minimising market impact and boosting the bottom line. 

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