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Instantaneous Best Execution to a Choice of Venues

Where multiple electronic venues are available, our Instantaneous Best Execution model can identify the venue offering the best price, for a particular size of order, net of all direct costs (including commission, taxes, exchange transaction fees, ticket costs, clearing and settlement costs).

Where an order is larger in size than the volume on the best offer (or bid) our Volume Weighted Average Best Net Bid and Offer benchmark (VWABNBO) makes use of market depth information. Having identified the cheapest venue on this basis, the system routes directly to that venue and logs all the market information responsible for the trading decision.


Download the MiFID Brochure (PDF)

View TraderServe's report on Best Execution in Europe (Jan 2003)

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The Trade Controller routes the order to the 
Execution Venue offering the best VWABNBO

Controlling Market Impact by Working Orders Over Time to One or More Venues

Where orders require working over time, the full power of the TraderServe ATP comes into play. 

A trading model can slice the order and work multiple slices simultaneously at one or more venues, logging all pre- and post-trade information.

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A series of slices is worked over time to one or more execution venues.
The Trade Controller ensures synchronisation of order status with all Evs.


Transparent Proof of Best Execution for Systematic Internalisers

All RFQs, customer orders and execution reports are linked to real-time benchmark data to produce reports proving compliance to MiFID best execution requirements.

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