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TraderServe Milestones


TraderServe speak on "Automated Testing of Algorithms in Simulated Environments - Why its Mandatory & How to Do it" at the Algorithmic Trading Governance & Controls Conference


TraderServe speak at "Raising the Bar: Responding to the RegTech Data Management Challenge" round table in London.


TraderServe release AlgoGuard Cloud & AlgoGuard Hosted as low cost options for investment firms to meet the MiFID II compliance deadline. For more complex requirements AlgoGuard Enterprise is available.


TraderServe & SQS the world's leading specialist in software quality announce partnership to roll out fully documented AlgoGuard non-live testing consultancy to investment firms and trading venues.


TraderServe & Colt announce partnership to deliver AlgoGuard to investment firms and AlgoGuard Arena to trading venues. AlgoGuard is the third generation of TraderServe's Algorithmic Stability Testing technology with pass/fail testing of propensity of tested algorithms to cause or contribute to disorderly trading.


TraderServe develops v2.0 of TS-Arena to meet expanded MIFID2 systems and algorithm testing requirements. TraderServe uses TS-Arena to conduct and publish original research "Trading Algorithms, Disorderly Markets and Non-Live Testing A study of emergent behaviours supporting the case for non-live testing regulations".


TraderServe develops working prototype of FPGA-based TS-Watermark data watermarking product.


TraderServe deploys TS-Arena at major exchange.


TraderServe release version 2.0 of the TraderServe Tickmetrics Data Quality Platform.


TraderServe release version 7.0 of the TraderServe Algorithmic Trading Platform.


TraderServe develop new real-time data quality management tools.


TraderServe implement Smart Order Routing product Range.


The management team buys out the venture capital partners. Development of the ultra-low latency platform and associated services.


TraderServe introduces innovative transaction cost analysis service to accompany the platform and develops a range of products for MiFID


Independent distributed pre-trade risk management added


Trade Controller implemented with automated order state management to manage many thousands of order slices simultaneously in multiple markets


Pioneering Flow Manager and graphical Model Building Interface developed. 

Publication of major TraderServe report on Technological Barriers to Pan-European Best Execution in Equities "Breaking the Barriers".


ATP, with added client management system and web front end goes live at first broker.


The core ATP platform is spun off into a new company, TraderServe, which raises £1.35m venture capital.


Quantics fund launches and short-term trading starts in financial futures and US equities.


Nick Idelson and Nicholas Hallam form Quantics Limited as a joint venture with the largest foreign exchange fund manager in Europe. 

New platform ‐ the core of the current ATP ‐ is built.


Deployment of distributed real-time environment across 85 processors, including the largest on-line tick database in the world at the time. 

Nicholas Hallam appointed Chief Model Builder for black box team


Nick Idelson founds Midland Montagu black box team. Nicholas Hallam joins Nick Idelson to work on real-time logic modelling.


Nick Idelson starts development on real-time automated trading environment at Midland Bank.


Nick Idelson develops daily trading models for commodity brokers and S class companies.

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